Plant Base on Android and Mobile Devices

Android 10in tablet select screen

For mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, we are now focusing on the Android operating system. This project had been delayed due to external factors, but is now in progress again.

We had older Mobile edition of Plant Base that ran on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 on PPC/PDA devices. Very few are still in use, so it is no longer actively supported. The new Android edition replaces this. Other mobile operating system platforms such as Apple Ios and Windows Phone might be possible in future, but there are no immediate plans.

The Android full edition of Plant Base is a completely "on-device" application with roughly the same capability as the Windows and Mac desktop programs. It will run on most Android smartphones and tablets.

A Beta Test phase version is currently available - details and download for the full edition ...

PBO Viewer ...

PBO Viewer screenshot 3

As a preliminary step, we originally produced two small Android apps as a front-end to our online web database.

They are still available on Google Play - - read more here ...


All our work with Android uses the Basic4Android development environment from Anywhere Software. This is from the same company that created Basic4PPC - as used by us some years ago to write the Windows Mobile edition of Plant Base. Since its release in December 2010 Basic4Android has become established as one of the most efficient programming languages to generate native mobile applications.

Anyone interested can find more information on their website - www.b4x.comBasic4android mobile development

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Basic4android is a product of Erel Uziel, Anywhere Software
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation