Plant Base for Android - Requirements and Device Compatibility

The Android edition main app does not need any online connection for the core functions to work.

Will run on Android versions 2.2 (Froyo) or later. Should run and adapt to most Android devices from small smartphones to 10" tablets.

We have tested extensively, but due to the largely data dependent user interface it is tricky to ensure that everything displays correctly on the very wide range of available screen types. The display appearance may change slightly with different Android versions.

Works on Kindle Fire tablets. However, these use a different style of launcher icon and therefore with the standard application this appears fuzzy and unsightly. We can provide a special build for Kindles that embeds a more suitable launcher icon - we are looking at listing on the Amazon Appstore in the near future.

Only common Android permisions are needed -

  • file system storage access for the database and other working files
  • GPS location service, option for plant list records
  • camera to take pictures

The plant database files are not supplied as part of the main app installation. They must be loaded separately for the app to work - see the installation guide for details. An easy option to load these data files is provided by the free Data Support app.

The Data Support app additionally requires full network access permission. This is used by the function that downloads the database files from our web server.

The data files are quite large and will need space on an SD-card or built-in storage. They are normally kept in their own directory, named PlantBase. Current minimum requirement is about 375Mb and this will increase if you add more data and pictures. The picture image library occupies most of the space. When updating the database using the Data Support app, the space needed will double because a backup copy is made.