Deeproot Plant Base
- encyclopedia database program for Windows PCs and Apple Macs
(also now for Android)

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Plant Base provides detailed information about garden and wild plants - directly from your own computer. No dependency on an internet connection, so always available in seconds and the plant data is entirely under your control.

Enables searching for plants by name and many other characteristics.

Selection results or individual plant names can be saved in personal plant lists.

Everything is recorded within the database files on your hard-drive (optionally external storage). Plant Base uses an active read/write database, all plant data is fully editable by the end-user. Add your own information and photos to create a uniquely personal plant reference resource, customised to your specific needs. Whilst we supply a database loaded with thousands of plant records and pictures, specialist users may prefer to start with an empty database and then build a chosen collection of plant information records and images.

Plant Base is designed as a straightforward plant information encyclopedia and all features are focused on this. Though built around a powerful database system, no technical skills are needed. The emphasis of the program is on a functional, no-nonsense approach to usability and considerable flexibility. There are no frills, but it is fast, simple to run and uses no unnecessary computer resources.

Each plant is described by a large number of standard elements such as size and colour, accompanied by text notes and pictures. Plants may be searched by any of these as selection criteria. Plant records are alphabetically sequenced by botanical name (Latin, binomial), but can be located by their common name if preferred. There is also allowance for alternative names (synonyms).

The ability to save personal plant lists is an important feature. They have many uses, from simple lists that 'bookmark' interesting plants to planting design project schedules. Each list may be freely named and there is no limit to the number stored. Lists can be easily exported for use in an external program if required.


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