Plant Base Installation

Deeproot Plant Base was originally developed for Microsoft Windows, installation is described here. For the Mac edition please refer to the OSX page or supplied instructions.

Installation is simple using a traditional Windows Setup procedure and is easy and convenient for most users,

  1. Download the latest version or use a CD if you have one.
  2. Run the downloaded installer program (if using a CD, a menu will normally be shown or the setup.exe can be run directly from the CD).
  3. The installer will guide you through a few questions such as location of the files - in most case you can simply accept the defaults.
  4. The database files are quite large and will take a few minutes to copy. Once finished - Plant Base is ready for use.

The software installer follows Microsoft's guidelines for applications. It gives options to install for an individual user or all users of the PC. Program and data files default to appropriate disk locations, however you can over-ride these with your own choices if you wish.

Plant Base 2 has very few dependencies on the PC and may optionally be run as a portable application. There are no special external run-time libraries and it makes minimal use of the Windows Registry..

An alternative manual installation method is possible, suitable for more advanced users. Please contact us if required.

Updating from a previous version.

If you are updating Plant Base from a previous version and have Plant Lists or amended plant records, please read the Help file for upgrading instructions.

To move Plant Lists or amended data from Plant Base 1.6.1 to a new release, use the converter program. Note that the installation for the converter is part of the previous Plant Base version 1.x.x and shares its dependencies.

Plant Base 2 may be installed alongside Plant Base 1.x x on the same system.


First-time installs provide a 15 day trial period.

The installation is made permanent by applying a license registration code, using a quick and easy process (below).

The registration code will normally be sent by e-mail on purchase of the product.

If no code is entered, the program will run for the limited time period only.

Each code is specific to a customer and is generated using the customer's name as a key. This name appears on the program splash screen and About box. The name can be changed by applying a replacement code, which we are happy to supply free of charge.

To apply the registration code:

Simply select "Register Plant Base" from the Help menu in the main program.

If the trial period has already expired then the registration window will automatically be shown.

Enter the 40 character code in the box and click the Register button. If possible, use Copy&Paste, as the code needs to be exactly as supplied in your email (but it can be typed if you are careful).

You will not need to enter it again when new versions are installed, unless the previous one had been completely uninstalled.