Copyright information and image licensing


The text and images on this website and all the material supplied with Deeproot Plant Base software are generally subject to copyright.

Creative Commons LicenseIn addition to normal copyright the text content (displayed data, excluding images) of Deeproot Plant Base is licensed uder a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This applies to material from both website and software products.


Most photographs are the original work and copyright of Deeproot. Some pictures are provided by the permission of other contributors, who retain their copyright. Certain images may be designated as "Public Domain" and so are copyright free with no restrictions on their use.

Each image shown in the Online Database gives the relevant copyright and in the software products the ownership information for every image is easily displayed (right click on image/Picture details). If it does not state "Public Domain", then it subject to normal copyright.

For images by Deeproot; non-commercial use by private individuals is allowed without our prior consent, under the licence terms below. Otherwise for business use they may not be reproduced in any form unless specifically licenced. This applies to pictures exported from Plant Base, download from this website or supplied separately by us.

For commercial use, reproduction of images electronically or printed will normally require payment of a license fee. See the image pricing page or contact us for details of our affordable licensing arrangements.

A special concession applies to limited distribution, off-line, low volume business use. We allow "limited-copy" commercial use of plant photographs, where permission to use them can be assumed. This may be specifically relevant to garden designers, landscape architects, environmental consultants and similar professionals or students. Our images may be included as part of a design specification, client proposal or similar document that will not be widely distributed but rather prepared for a particular customer. For this purpose no license fee is payable. They are still covered by our licence conditions and all images used should be credited to us with a clear copyright statement (© Deeproot Plant Base). The same image may be used in different documents for specific projects but not reproduced to create a standard "catalogue" or for general advertising, etc. Any reproduction for business use, which involves a significant number of copies or is not for specific clients, for example on websites, is normal commercial use and requires an appropriate licence.

Personal, non-commercial use of our images is allowed and free, including publishing on websites and blogs, under the Creative Commons License Attribtion-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.

Creative Commons LicenceNormal copyright also applies and images should be attributed to"© Deeproot Plant Base". For use on websites the attribution must include a back-link to our site.

Websites or blogs that generate income by adverts, paid click-through links or affiliate schemes are regarded as commercial. However, we take a common-sense view - please ask first.

Any use of our images implies acceptance of these copyright terms. We reserve the right to charge any fees due and recover costs incurred for licences not agreed in advance of publication.