About us - a little background

This isn't the place to bore you with detailed biographies, so here is just a little bit of relevant context:

We are a small business now based in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Much of our time is spent on the development and supply of our primary software product, Deeproot Plant Base and the photography for its plant images. As time allows, we also occasionally undertake a mixture of other IT, photography and garden related work.

The business is privately run, with no external controlling interest or financial investors. There are absolutely no unnecessary expense overheads, all costs are focused on continued development of the Plant Base product. The Deeproot office is run from within the home of the author, we have no separate premises.

The current specialisation in plant software and photography evolved from a garden design & build practice that operated throughout most of the 1990's. Prior to that we had worked in mainstream IT for very many years, before deciding it was time for a change! The original Plant Base was created for our own use as a productivity tool in the preparation of planting proposals, ordering lists and client documentation.

Plant Base developed into a long-term project and to make it more suitable for general distribution, a total re-write of the software was started in 1999. Following several Beta versions, the first public release was in 2002. The plant photography was an obvious spin-off from this work, as the technical author had formal training in photography before moving to a career in IT.

Our passion for plants and gardens is an aspect of a long-held respect for the natural world. Plants are vital to everyone and our gardens frequently offer the most accessible link to the living earth. We wish to promote the awareness, knowledge and use of plants. We need to earn an income, but our business is run on ethical principles and with fair treatment of all our customers.


Please note:- we have no connection with DeepRoot Infrastructure in the USA or DeepRoot Linux in India. The similarity of names is purely coincidental.