Plant Base for Android - Installation

There are two parts to the installation, because database files are not included in the apk file (they are too large) and must be separately copied to your device. Loading the database files may be done either before or after installing the Plant Base app itself.

Install the Plant Base app

Buy and install the app - get Plant Base from the the Google Play Store

The price of the app is generally about half that of the PC and Mac edition. For many countries there is also an additional sales tax (VAT). Tax is applied automatically by the Google Play store system and handled by them (we do not receive it!). The cost includes access to the full database content, same as the PC product.

The Google Play store is the normal and simplest method for most people. However, certain existing users have the option of a free direct download. If you are an approved Beta Tester or a Plant Base user registered before 31st March 2012 then please see this page to get your free download.

Load the database

There are two alternative methods - either copy existing database base files from your PC or Mac to the Android device, or use our Data File Support app to download them directly from the internet onto your device. The database is large, so if you already have a copy then it will be quickest to copy it across manually.

Download directly using the support app:

Alternatively - to manually copy the files from a computer:

  • Check there is a directory named "PlantBase" on the SD-card or built-in device storage. If you first installed and attempted to open the Plant Base app, then this directory will have been created. If not, make a new "PlantBase" directory using a File Manager app. This directory should be created alongside standard default directories such "Books", "Music" and "Pictures" and so on.
  • Locate the database files on your computer. There are normally 4 files, all ending ".dpb2" and you can find their exact location from the About display in the Plant Base program. Beware that on some systems they might be placed under a "hidden" folder, but you can set a visibility option.
  • Copy the database files from the computer to the "PlantBase" directory on the Android device, using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Your device will usually need to be connected by a USB cable. For Macs you may need to install "Android File Transfer" if you don't already have it.