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botanical name:
Solanum tuberosum 'Maris Peer'
Solanum tuberosum 'Maris Peer' © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Potato 'Maris Peer'
family:  Solanaceae
characteristics: perennial
height: 0.60m
width: 0.60m
growth rate: fast
growth habit: clump
leaf colour: green
flower colour: purple
stem/bark: light green
main season: Summer
poison symbol poisonous or irritant
edible symbol edible
medicinal symbol medicinal
aspect: full sun
conditions: moist soil, sandy soil
preferred soil pH: neutral-acid
minimum temp: -5°C
USDA zone: 8 to 10
Second early variety, producing oval, white-skinned tubers of good flavour. Large clusters of attractive pinkish purple flowers. Usually gives a heavy crop.

Tender perennial usually treated as an annual crop.

Most fertile, well cultivated soils but dislikes very wet or heavy clay soil. Prefers a slightly acid rich soil with plenty of organic matter, the tubers can be subject to scab on limy, sandy or gravely soils or those deficient in humus. Likes a sunny position.

From tubers.

Culinary vegetable. Makes a good salad potato.

other notes:
Raised in England, 1962.

All the green parts of the plant, even green parts of exposed tubers, are poisonous, containing a toxic alkaloid called solanine.
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