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botanical name:
Rhus trichocarpa
Rhus trichocarpa © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Japanese Sumac
synonyms:  Toxicodendron trichocarpum
family:  Anacardiaceae
characteristics: tree
height: 6.00m
width: 6.00m
growth rate: medium
growth habit: broad headed
leaf colour: green
flower colour: light green
fruit colour: yellow
stem/bark: brown
main season: Autumn
poison symbol poisonous or irritant
aspect: full sun
conditions: moist soil
preferred soil pH: any
minimum temp: -6°C
USDA zone: 9 to 9
Small deciduous tree with large finely divided pinnate leaves, coppery-pink when young. Very good orange and red autumn colour. Dioecious, needing separate male and female plants to produce fertile seed. Insignificant yellow-green flowers. Bristly yellow fruits in drooping clusters on female trees.

Well-drained fertile soil in full sun

From seed, cuttings or separation of suckers

Sap used to make the thick Black lacquer used in Chinese and Japanese furniture

other notes:
Native to Eastern Asia
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