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botanical name:
Raoulia australis
Raoulia australis © Deeproot Plant Base
synonyms:  Raoulia lutescens
family:  Asteraceae
characteristics: perennial, evergreen, ground-cover
height: 0.01m
width: 0.30m
growth rate: slow
growth habit: prostrate
leaf colour: silver
flower colour: yellow
main season: All Year
aspect: full sun
conditions: dry soil, sandy soil
preferred soil pH: any
minimum temp: -5°C
USDA zone: 8 to 9
Prostrate, mat-forming evergreen alpine with creeping stems densely covered with small overlapping, silver-hairy leaves. Small yellow flowerheads in summer.

Sharply drained soil with a top dressing of grit, in full sun or a little shade. Dislikes winter wet and prefers fairly mild winter temperatures.

Separate and replant rooted stems.

Alpine and rock gardens, raised beds, troughs and containers.

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