Plant Base 2 - Mac OSX

Native Plant Base application for Apple Mac OS systems.

This edition is based on the Windows program and has all the same features. It uses much of the same code but adapted to suit the Mac OSX environment as a fully native application for OSX 10.6 or later. No emulation is used and it's a totally stand-alone product with no other software dependencies - just the same as the Windows edition.

An important concept of Plant Base 2 is that the database files are the same on all platforms, not only their data content but also the file format. So they can simply be copied between Mac and Windows machines, in either direction without needing any kind of conversion.

Our resources for development and testing on the Mac platform are more limited than others. Development is done on quite an old release of Mac OS, as this gives the best possible compatibility with the widest range of customer machines. We cannot guarantee the application will run correctly on all systems, so please take advantage of the free trial period.


The full product download file is a normal Mac "dmg". It contains the application itself and a folder with the data files. Full installation instructions are also provided.

The application ( can be copied into the usual Applications system directory or an alternative location. (the option of a 32-bit application build is also provided - see below). The data folder can be placed wherever the user chooses, under the user's Home directory would be typical. The location of the data files may need to be given at the start of the first run.

Initially new installations will run as a 20 day trial. Further use requires entry of a licence code. This licence code is exactly the same for both Windows and Mac editions. Existing Windows customers can simply use their original code. New users will need to purchase a licence code, valid for both Mac and Windows.

From Plant Base version 2.1.10 the default application is 64-bit, as required by the latest releases of Mac OS. A 32-bit application build is also included in the install files. This alternative may be needed for users with very old hardware or limited RAM size. Both builds are functionally identical and operate with the same database.

Important :- Plant Base is not currently available from the Apple Store and is not digitally signed with an Apple developer identity. On Mac OS Mountain Lion or later your system may therefore complain about installing it. However, you can enable installation by adjusting the Security & Privacy setting in System Preferences or creating an exception. The exact procedure has changed slightly with different releases of MacOS - best to search the Mac support forums for the method and full explanation.

Here are external links for a couple of examples, but there are many others:

You can be assured that Plant Base, downloaded from our our own website, is safe to install and run. As a self-contained program it does not make or require any changes to your system's software or configuration. The program does not require internet access, even for registration, and contains no spyware or malware of any kind. The MacOS edition of Plant Base has been available since 2014.

We don't yet have, or need, an official Apple Developer ID since the Plant Plant application is not coded using Apple's development system and is the single product we make for the Mac. Plant Base for Mac is written with exactly the same independent cross-platform programming language as the Windows and Linux editions - PureBasic (

You can safely download the full installation file from the Downloads page of our own website. If you obtain an installation file from any other source, please be very careful! Some software indexing websites may list it and most are perfectly legitimate. Never - ever! - use any site offering a download that includes a licence code or 'crack'.

If you have any concerns about running Plant Base on your Mac, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions about it.

Mac and OS X are trademarks of Apple Inc. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.