How to Convert from Plant Base version 1 to 2

Plant Base 2 uses a new completely different database format compared to previous versions. Upgrading versions from 1.x.x to 2.x.x therefore may involve a format conversion process as an extra step.

This is only relevant if you have information recorded in a PB1 database that you wish to carry over to the new PB2 format, for example Plant Lists or any personally entered plant record data or pictures.

If you have nothing to carry over - then just uninstall the old version, install the new PB2 version and ignore the rest of this page!


Plant Base version 1 database files have the name extension ".dpb"

Plant Base version 2 files have the name extension ".dpb2"


Check your installation of PB1 is up to date - before any conversion your PB1 database must be on at least data release 24. Look at the "About Plant Base" window, under the Help menu. If the data release is anything less than 24, then download the latest data release for version 1.6.1 and update in the normal way:- deeprootpb_161_setup.exe (278 Mb)

Get the converter program - download this setup file: DPB_ConvertPB2_setup.exe and install.
Note that this program is actually an extension to your original Plant Base 1 installation, which must be registered as fully licensed and not a trial.
An item for the converter will be added to the Start Menu.

Install PB2 - if you haven't already got it! Also we strongly advise that you should be running the latest available version. It is fine to have both PB1 and PB2 installed on the same system.

Make an Archive file - run the Archiver from PB1 to create a file with your personal data. Include both Plant Lists and pictures.

Convert your file - run the converter program from the Start Menu. More details about this below. Set your Archive file as the input database to convert.

Import to PB2 - from the Plant Base 2 program's File menu run Import Plant Data, selecting the converted file as the source. Then run Import List Data, again giving the converted file as the source database. You will probably wish to import all lists. ( If you only have modified plant data but no lists, or only plant lists and have never modified any plant data, then either of these runs can be omitted as appropriate. )

The above method is all that is needed for most people. However, if you are an advanced user with a highly customised database then you may wish to take an alternative approach. You can convert the entire database for use with Plant Base 2, rather than use Archive/Import. This is best suited where most records have been added or modified by yourself.


About the Converter Program

Each physical database file is converted individually.

For the Archive/Import method described above, only one file is used as input. For a complete database there are four files - main plant data plus three picture files. So four converter runs are needed.

On startup the converter program will normally locate the current main database and pre-set it as a suggested input database. However any file may be selected.

PB2 database records have a few additional data items that are absent in PB1. The converter program simply adds these as empty fields.

The "Downsize embedded images" checkbox is normally left un-ticked. It is only for use if preparing database files for mobile devices with small, low resolution screens - for example old Android phones with a 240x320 pixel display. This option is only relevant for picture libraries 1 and 2.

Converting entire database files can take some time, especially picture libraries, Archive files are normally quite quick.