Deeproot Software and the Environment

Virtually all businesses and other organisations seem to be waving the environmental flag nowadays! We have been told at various times that we really should provide an environmental statement on the website - so here it is:

A personal statement from the author of Plant Base:

Environmental responsibility is a kind of non-issue for us -- the Deeproot business is inherently low-impact and grew from a desire to promote the use of plants and make a greener, better living environment, especially in our overcrowded and increasingly urban surroundings.

Personal and business activities are conducted with moderation and care for the natural world. This is not a recent fad, it is a long-term way of thinking and behaving.

Our private and professional gardening has used predominantly organic methods for over 30 years.

I have been an advocate of a more respectful treatment of our planet since the 1960's, when it was the province of minority "cranks" - mostly portrayed as scruffy vegetarians with beards and sandals (pretty accurate description of me actually!).

I intensely dislike the recent trend of "greenwashing" as used by many companies and do not think environmental causes should be hijacked for the opportunistic marketing of business or politics. I take a similar view of "carbon trading" and related schemes.

Climate change, conservation of resources and related issues are highly complex subjects that we are not scientifically qualified to fully understand. However we do know that anyone working with plants is in direct contact with natural elements. This often gives a deep insight into the delicate balance of the environment and the power of nature.

Old technologies, from modern times back into history, have undoubtedly caused damage. New digital technologies may or may not have more beneficial effects, but information and communication are our best tools to raise awareness and increase practical knowledge about the biosphere.

Plants are good for the world - we do our best to support the protection of existing habitats, diversity and encourage the use of plants for both practical and aesthetic purposes.