Purchasing Plant Base for Windows and Mac

The product download is free and after installation will run for a trial period of 20 days. To continue running indefinitely you will need to purchase a licence code and enter it into the program.

This applies "desktop" editions - the Android mobile edition is free and needs no registration.

Please email us if you have any questions about purchasing.

How to Order

Click the PayPal Buy Now button below to pay on-line and get your licence code by email.

You will be transfered you to the secure PayPal web page. No account details are passed back to us, only a notification when your transaction is complete - so this is a safe purchase method.

PayPal accepts most credit and debit cards - you do not need to have a PayPal account.
A licence registration code request form will be offered after payment. If needed click the "return to store" link on completion. Your personalised code is normally emailed immediately.

Prices are given as UK pounds sterling. For international customers the PayPal system will normally convert to other currencies at the prevailing rate. For additional information see - Our currency conversion guide and calculator.


Plant Base Registration code only

For use with downloaded install files and trial CD's.

If you have already installed the full product trial, then this is all you need.


Your licence code is sent by email.
No physical media costs = best value

Software on CD

CD Box

We no longer offer CD's by post as a standard sale option. Installation from download file is recommended.

However if you have difficulty with the download, please email us to order the software on CD. We will do our best, but there might be some delay.

A small additional charge is made to cover costs (UK - £5, Europe - £6.50, Worldwide - £8).


About the registration code

The code is uniquely keyed on the name of the user. Please indicate any name preference, up to 20 normal characters, otherwise we will use the purchaser.

The same licence code applies to Windows PC, Mac and Linux editions. It is never necessary to pay again for updated versions - this is a one time only cost!

Registration covers a household or organisation, multiple installs are allowed (see licence). Moving Plant Base to a new or alternative PC is no problem, even with a different OS.

There is also currently a special 'Linux only' code, which is free on request - see the Linux page.

Download or CD?

Installation of Plant Base resulting from either the downloaded file or a CD is essentially the same. The choice really only depends on the practicality of downloading a fairly large file. It is also perfectly good to install from a loaned or copied CD and then buy a licence code.

Buying as a gift or on behalf of someone else?

No problem - when purchasing online you will be offered a web form allowing entry of an alternative registration name. Or email us and we will generate the registration code with the name that you specify.

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