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All names are searched, botanical (latin), common names and also synonyms. Results are always listed by the current botanical name - if you get unexpected plants in the result list then it will be due to the search term matching a common name or synonym.

Names are matched from the start character and all plants containing the search term are returned.

You may use * (asterisk) as a "wild-card" anywhere in the name, including the beginning so that your seach term may occur anywhere in the name.

Cultivar names may be entered with or without enclosing single-quotes, though including them might give slightly more precise results.

For greater control over the search, using a wide range of criteria, use the Advanced Search page.

Plants are important and we believe that information about them should be freely available to everyone. The data here is the same as included with our software product. Of course we think our PC software offers advantages and more features for just a small cost. We hope you take a look at it.

Please remember that plant information is offered in good faith - as with all such plant references, the details may not be definitive or complete. Also living things tend to behave differently depending on local area and climate factors, so some data is only an approximation.

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