An update for the Plant Base Android app is now available – version 1.41. Also a new version of its File Support app – 1.06.

The new versions resolve the problem of installing on the latest Android versions. They have been tested up to Android 14.

To achieve this they use a special file storage permission that enables opening the database from a named folder external to the app itself. Using this method means that the apps are not compliant with Google Play store and will never be offered there. The previous versions were already recently excluded from the Play store because they targeted older Android releases.

Both apps also include some small bug fixes but there are otherwise no major changes. For this release only, when updating from an older version it is recommended that the old app is uninstalled first. This is not normally needed but on this occasion there is a chance that duplicate apps will be shown on the device, which would then need to be cleaned up.

The apps are currently only available by direct download from the website on the same page as the install instructions. Installation of the APK’s is by the “sideload” method. For the future I will be considering the possibility of offering the apps via alternative APK store websites.

With the removal from the Play store I have decided to make the Android Plant Base app completely free to any user. As before, the app contains no adverts or ‘in-app’ purchases. As always I cannot guarantee it will work on every device, despite being tested on a wide range of phones and tablets. However, it can now be tried with no risk or potential cost.

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