Please note:

For mobile use the original program below has been replaced by Plant Base for the Android operating system --- read about the Android app here

Plant Base for Windows Mobile 5 and 6.x is no longer actively supported.

Plant Base Mobile

Hp iPaq running Plant Base for Windows Mobile This was the first edition of Plant Base Mobile - written for the Windows PocketPC mobile operating system. Up to 2010 this was a very popular system for PDA's and Smartphones and well supported by many hardware manufacturers. Plant Base Mobile has most of the features of the desktop program and uses a converted format of the same database.

This edition will not run on the later Windows Phone operating system. There are now very few users of the older Windows Mobile devices, however we have left this edition available for those who may be interested in trying it.

Plant Base Mobile is complete self-contained application that runs entirely on the device, once installed it does not require any kind of connectivity in order to work. The final version is 1.7.

  • Has all the main features of the desktop product - plant selection by name or advanced search criteria, personal list management, add/update/delete plant records and add/delete pictures.
  • Supports GPS location logging for plant list records.
  • Data content is also the same but pictures have been reduced in size to match the smaller screens and minimise storage space.
  • Uses a highly efficient database (similar, but not the same as the later PB2 database).
  • Will synchronise with the desktop database.
  • Runs on MS Windows Mobile 5 or 6.x (may also run on WM 2003, but testing was inconclusive)
  • Requires a touch-screen Smartphone, Pocket PC or PDA
  • Needs MS .NET CF 2.0 or better - which is pre-installed with WM6, or a free update from the Microsoft for previous OS versions
  • Originally designed for devices with displays of 240x240 or 240x320 (portrait or landscape). Will also scale to higher resolution screens and support VGA and WVGA devices of 480x640 and 480x800.
  • Installation is normally onto a Storage Card. The standard install uses about 130Mb, mostly for the database.

The normal method of installation uses a Windows Setup package that includes the mobile installer and the database conversion utility. It uses PC Sync on the PC. A device-only install is also possible. A full Plant Base registration is required, but there is no additional cost for this mobile edition. The database conversion and bi-directional synchronisation modules only work with the original Plant Base desktop versions 1.x.x, which were built using Microsoft technology.

Plant Base Mobile was written using Basic4PPC from Anywhere Software, probably the most efficient development tool for Windows Mobile. The same company now produce Basic4Android.

For more details of the application see this page of screen-shots .

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Basic4android is a product of Erel Uziel, Anywhere Software
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation