Why use Deeproot Plant Base?

Why use any plant database?

Quite simply - to save you time and space.

We love our gardening books and really would never wish to be without them. There is an extensive collection in the Deeproot library, but there is no doubt that they take up an aweful lot of space. Then of course, when working on a new gardening project one book is never enough and before long there are numerous weighty tomes perched open on every available surface. Sound familiar?

Though thumbing through the seductive pages of wonderful plants is a pleasure, it is hardly the most efficient way to find information.

Now that we have computing power at our fingertips, it is perfect for accessing huge volumes of information, all stored in a tiny space. A database is simply the best method of organising that information into a coherent reference source. It enables your computer to locate the material you need in a fraction of time that would be required to read and select it from printed texts.

An electronic plant encyclopaedia has the added advantage of being relatively easy to update. Very useful when new introductions and plant name changes are so frequent. No need to purchase new editions of expensive books.

So why should I buy Deeproot Plant Base?

We believe that Plant Base offers real value for users who frequently consult plant reference information.

It is true that there are now a large number of plant reference databases available. Some run on your own machine and many more can be accessed online through the Internet.

If you only need to do an occasional lookup then it is probably best to use the online databases. Many are free, some require a registration or login.

However, if you are a relatively frequent user of plant information then it may be best to have the data available locally on your own PC. A personal copy gives greater flexibility, is faster to access and gives you total control.

There are a number of plant database products on the market, each with their own features, pros and cons and at a wide price range. We like free choice and think that Plant Base offers a combination of distinct benefits that make it the best option for many users:

  • fully installed local application (no dependency on remote data or from CD-ROM)
  • works anywhere - no internet needed
  • self contained, no additional software required
  • run under MS Windows, Mac OS or Linux (also Android)
  • fast, no-frills user interface
  • updatable content - amend any record, add your own plants and pictures
  • unlimited plant lists to save personal selection results, projects, favourite plants
  • supports multiple database files, allowing the creation of custom copies
  • simple and fair license, includes updates to future versions
  • affordable price, outstanding value, currently just £25 (see purchase page)

But by far the best thing is to use your own judgement - download the free 20 day trial

"well-implemented database"
- Computer Shopper

" You have an excellent product in Plant Base which is miles ahead of anything else I've seen or tried."
- A.W, UK

"loads of information and a great piece of software."
- P.L, Bristol, UK

"the program is easy to use and has the features I need in a database"
- R.T, Australia

"FANTASTIC!!! I'm an RHS level 2 student, it will really help with my course"
- L.H, Notts, UK

"I've recently found your software and was delighted how extensive and feature rich it was. One of the best products in this area."

"I love the program. It has been a great help in recording plants and attaching photos for easy identification."
L.W, Arizona USA