How to find the current data release number

In the Plant Base menu bar:- select Help | About Plant Base

This release number indicates the edition of the database.

It is distinct from the the program version, which relates to the application code modules rather than the data. The release number does not change until the database files are replaced. It is not altered by personal database changes.

It is only displayed from program version 1.5.4 onwards and will also not be seen when older database file releases are opened, although the release number is stored internally for all database editions. All 2.x.x program versions will show the database release number.

The number is also used to identify every individual record that was added or updated at that release. For plant records it can be displayed by clicking on (1.x.x programs) hovering over the record counter box:-

For picture records - simply show the Picture details, using the right mouse-button menu on any image or thumbnail. It is also show on the Picture Maintenance screen.

Plant or Picture records that have been added or modified by the end user are given a special release number code that is displayed as "user modified". This has no effect on the overall database release number.