Download for authorised users

If you are a Plant Base user registered before 31st March 2012 then your licence includes a Mobile edition. You have the option of installing Plant Base for Android at no cost. Approved Beta Testers and specially licensed users may also do this.

Please use the form below to download the APK file from our web server.

Installation on your Android device directly from an APK file is known as a "sideload install". The only disadvantage compared with loading from the app market store is that you will not be offered automatic version updates, but you can do them manually.

  • Download and save the APK install file. If you wish, you can download on a PC and then copy the apk file over to the device.
  • Ensure that installs from Unknown Sources are allowed - found under the Settings / Security menu of your device (up to Android 7), or for Android 8 onwards by the permission setting when you first attempt to install.
  • If you download directly with the browser on the device, after saving the apk file you may be offered the option to open it and then install. Alternatively open the downloaded file with any File Manager app, which will then give the option to install it (for Android 8 onwards this is where you can allow the "Install Unknown Apps" permision). If you don't already have a File Manager app there are several good free ones available on Google Play.

Only authorised users of Plant Base for PC and Mac will be able to download.

Your existing Plant Base registration code is used for validation. Please enter it below (use Copy&Paste if possible).

We have a special build for Kindle Fire tablets that embeds a more suitable launcher icon. The application itself is exactly the same. In fact both builds will work fine on either Kindle or regular Android devices, only the launcher icon might not look quite right.

Plant Base Data Support App

The APK for the free data file support app is also available for download by anyone, as an alternative to Google Play.

Plant Base Data Support direct download

The current version of Plant Base for Andriod is 1.38
- released Jan 2021

The Plant Base File Support companion app is 1.05
- released Jan 2021