Plant Photography

Magnolia grandiflora small photo We have built up a substantial collection of plant photographs and continue to add more. These were all taken by the author of Plant Base over a period of many years. The photos are organised by botanical names, which are are correct as far we know.

Virtually all photographs were taken with digital cameras, apart from a few very old ones that were scanned from film. Image quality and size vary due to the age of the images. With the improved capability of digital cameras some of the old photos are repaced from time to time with better ones. We are continuously adding to the collection and replacing older images.

In our software products we also use photographs that have been contributed by other people, for which we are very grateful.

Images on this website and in the software products are covered by copyright. Personal use is allowed and free, subject to the terms of this Creative Commons licence - Attribtion-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. Commercial business use is not allowed without prior permission from us and payment of a small reproduction licencing fee. However, there some exceptions so please check our copyright information for details. If in doubt then please ask us first.

In previous years we supplied images for commercial reproduction as a stock photography service, but no longer have time to handle the administration involved. If you need an image for business use, just email us and we will do our best. Please be patient as it is not always possible to respond quickly.