Plant Base Online (beta)

About Plant Base Online

This freely accessible web database is an implementation using the same data source as our stand-alone PC product. The content is under continuous development and information provided will change over time.

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The Plant Data

Database record content is the same as our stand-alone applications.

Information is offered in good faith, but as with all plant reference material the details provided are not necessarily definitive or complete. Some data items are only an approximation and may be highly dependent on local area and climate factors. Updates will be done in sync with the PC product, whenever we find the time!

Pictures have been reduced in size and quality in order to minimise storage and loading times.

Online versus Installed Plant Base?

We do not see the online service as competing with the original application, which is fully installed on the user's machine.

For anyone who wants to frequently look up plant information, the stand-alone database product is by far the best. With no Internet dependency, it is very fast to use and always available. Most importantly, the database can easily be updated to suit personal needs. It also has larger, better quality pictures and a number of other additional features, which would not be appropriate for the online service.

But for occasional queries, the online service makes the information freely available to all - as it should be.

Terms of use

As is the case with our stand-alone database, the plant information should be regarded as under continuous development (and always will be!). We cannot accept any liability resulting from its use.

Subject to the above, for non-commercial purposes you are free to use the text data presented in any way that you wish. Most of the pictures are covered by copyright and may not be reproduced without prior permission.

You are welcome to link directly to the plant pages. The URLs are based on the botanical name and will not change unless the plant is renamed!


Plant Base Online is a typical implementation using MySQL and PHP dynamic pages (LAMP). The database was converted directly from the production release of Plant Base for Windows, using MySQL's own Migration Toolkit. The database structure, designed 10 years ago, is unchanged and worked perfectly. The PHP pages were hand-coded by ourselves and tested using a local WAMP server, before uploading (our most sincere thanks and admiration goes to all those responsible for these fine open source projects).


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You can also install Plant Base on your computer:

  • self contained application
  • more features
  • update and add records
  • larger and higher quality pictures
  • fast and efficient
  • always available, no connection needed
  • Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

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This online service is provided for free and we have no plans to change that!
However it does cost us money ... if you find this plant information useful, please consider making a small donation to help keep it running.