Plant Base for Android - Full Edition Details

On-board database application for Android is now available on Google Play.

Designed for usability on mobile devices, the Android edition looks and operates differently from the Plant Base desktop programs. But an important common aspect is that it uses the same database so offers the same plant information. This means that the database is completely interchangeable between all platforms, Android, PC and Mac. The files can be simply copied between systems and do not require any kind of conversion.

As with the Windows and Mac programs, in addition to searching and viewing the plant data, all records may be modified by the user - edited, deleted or new plant records and pictures added. Unlimited user-created plant lists are supported, same as the desktop editions.

These core functions, along with the capacity to handle the full size database, already make this a large application. Compared to the desktop programs certain features have been omitted or simplified. Care has been taken to minimise system overheads and make the app simple and quick to use.

Some things not included in the current mobile version:

  • Picture Library 3, which links to external image files, is not used. We feel this is less useful on mobile devices, but plan to add it at a future version. If the database file exists then it will be recognised by the app but no data accessed (for consistency with desktop files).
  • Maintenance functions such as record extract and import are not included. We are not intending to provide these complex and heavyweight operations within the main app. However, a separate data support app offers three important functions - database download, data import and compact. These file operations can also be performed via the desktop editions.
  • Printing, report creation and slide-show functions are not included. It is unlikely they will be part of the mobile app.

Extra features relevant to mobile devices, not found in the desktop editions:

  • Plant List records can record location information from the device's GPS. This is controlled by a simple button which enables the GPS. Moving to a new record or screen disables it again to conserve battery. Accuracy depends on the capability of the device. Location coordinates are recorded to 6 decimal places.
  • Plant Pictures can be captured and recorded from the built-in camera of the device.
  • The Picture record edit/add function includes a crop facility as well as image resize. These are both often needed when using the in-device camera capture.

Requirements and Device Compatibility

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