List of available plant images

Here is a list of plant images from the Deeproot picture library. These are all original images taken for Plant Base. The collection is being expanded continuously.

Clicking on the name link will show the Online Database entry for the plant, which includes small versions of the pictures, reduced in size and quality to conserve bandwidth and server space.

The camera icon indicates a web gallery page for this image, click it to show. These images are exactly as used within our PC database product. Just a small sample selection of these larger pictures are available on the website.

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Crocus ad
Maackia amurensis
Mackaya bella
Macleaya microcarpa 'Kelway's Coral Plume'
Macleaya x kewensis
Macrolepiota rhacodes
Magnolia 'Ann'  
Magnolia 'Apollo'
Magnolia 'Atlas'
Magnolia 'Betty'
Magnolia 'Black Tulip'
Magnolia 'Butterflies'  
Magnolia 'Caerhays Surprise'
Magnolia cylindrica
Magnolia 'Dark Shadow'
Magnolia denudata  
Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
Magnolia 'George Henry Kern'
Magnolia 'Gold Star'
Magnolia grandiflora  
Magnolia 'Grayswood'
Magnolia 'Heaven Scent'
Magnolia 'Iolanthe'
Magnolia 'Jane'
Magnolia 'Joe McDaniel'
Magnolia 'Judy'
Magnolia kobus
Magnolia 'Lilenny'
Magnolia liliflora 'Nigra'  
Magnolia 'Maryland'  
Magnolia 'Maryland'  
Magnolia 'Milky Way'
Magnolia 'Philip Tregunna'
Magnolia 'Pinkie'
Magnolia 'Randy'
Magnolia 'Raspberry Ice'
Magnolia 'Ricki'
Magnolia 'Sayonara'
Magnolia 'Serene'
Magnolia sieboldii ssp. sinensis
Magnolia sprengeri var. elongata
Magnolia 'Star Wars'
Magnolia stellata  
Magnolia stellata  
Magnolia stellata 'Centennial'
Magnolia stellata 'Chrysanthemiflora'
Magnolia stellata 'Jane Platt'
Magnolia stellata 'Rosea'  
Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star'  
Magnolia stellata 'Water Lily'
Magnolia 'Sundew'
Magnolia 'Susan'
Magnolia 'Todd Gresham'
Magnolia 'Wada's Memory'
Magnolia x brooklynensis 'Evamaria'  
Magnolia x brooklynensis 'Woodsman'
Magnolia x loebneri
Magnolia x loebneri 'Ballerina'
Magnolia x loebneri 'Leonard Messel'  
Magnolia x loebneri 'Merrill'
Magnolia x loebneri 'Neil McEacharn'
Magnolia x loebneri 'Raspberry Fun'  
Magnolia x soulangeana
Magnolia x soulangeana  
Magnolia x soulangeana 'Alba'
Magnolia x soulangeana 'Alexandrina'
Magnolia x soulangeana 'Amabilis'
Magnolia x soulangeana 'Lennei'
Magnolia x soulangeana 'Picture'
Magnolia 'Yellow Fever'
Magnolia 'Yellow Lantern'
Magnolia 'Yellow River'
Mahonia aquifolium
Mahonia aquifolium 'Atropurpurea'
Mahonia flavida
Mahonia japonica
Mahonia japonica 'Bealei Group'
Mahonia lomarifolia
Mahonia nervosa
Mahonia repens 'Rotundifolia'
Mahonia swaseyi
Mahonia trifolia
Mahonia x media 'Buckland'
Mahonia x media 'Charity'
Mahonia x media 'Winter Sun'
Mahonia x wagneri 'Pinnacle'
Mahonia x wagneri 'Undulata'
Maianthemum japonicum
Maianthemum racemosum
Malus 'Butterball'
Malus 'Crittenden'
Malus 'Crittenden'  
Malus domestica 'Adam's Pearmain'
Malus domestica 'Barnack Orange'
Malus domestica 'Bess Pool'  
Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling'  
Malus domestica 'Brown Snout'
Malus domestica 'Brownlee's Russet'
Malus domestica 'Cox's Orange Pippin'
Malus domestica 'Dabinett'
Malus domestica 'Discovery'
Malus domestica 'Dummellor’s Seedling'
Malus domestica 'Fiesta'
Malus domestica 'Gala'  
Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious'  
Malus domestica 'Holstein'
Malus domestica 'Jonagored'  
Malus domestica 'Lord Lambourne'
Malus domestica 'Newton Wonder'
Malus domestica 'Norfolk Royal'
Malus domestica 'Pinova'
Malus domestica 'Pixie'
Malus domestica 'Rhode Island Greening'  
Malus domestica 'Sunrise'
Malus domestica 'Sunset'  
Malus domestica 'Winston'
Malus domestica 'Winter Majetin'
Malus domestica 'Wyken Pippin'  
Malus 'Evereste'
Malus floribunda
Malus hupehensis
Malus 'John Downie'
Malus 'Marshall Ôyama'
Malus transitoria
Malus x gloriosa 'Oekonomierat Echtermeyer'
Malus x moerlandsii 'Profusion'
Malus x robusta 'Persicifolia'
Malus x robusta 'Red Sentinel'
Malus x robusta 'Red Sentinel'  
Malus x schiedeckeri 'Hillieri'
Malus x zumi 'Golden Hornet'
Malus x zumi 'Golden Hornet'  
Malus x zumi 'Professor Sprenger'
Malva moschata
Malva sylvestris 'Brave Heart'
Malva sylvestris 'Marina'
Malvastrum lateritum
Mammillaria bombycina
Mandevilla sanderi
Mandragora officinarum
Matteuccia struthiopteris
Maurandya 'Victoria Falls'
Meconopsis cambrica
Meconopsis grandis
Meconopsis x sheldonii
Meconopsis x sheldonii 'Slieve Donard'
Medicago arborea
Melianthus major
Mentha aquatica
Mentha suaveolens 'Variegata'
Mentha x gracilis 'Variegata'
Mentha x piperita f. citrata
Menyanthes trifoliata
Menziesia cillicalyx
Mercurialis perennis
Mertensia virginica
Mespilus germanica
Mespilus germanica 'Nottingham'
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Gold Rush'
Meum athemanticum
Michelia doltsopa
Michelia yunnanensis
Microbiota decussata
Mimulus aurantiacus var. puniceus
Mirabilis jalapa
Miscanthus sacchariflorus
Miscanthus sinensis 'Ferner Osten'
Miscanthus sinensis 'Flamingo'
Miscanthus sinensis 'Kleine Fontäne'
Miscanthus sinensis 'Kleine Silberspinne'
Miscanthus sinensis 'Malepartus'
Miscanthus sinensis 'Rigoletto'
Miscanthus sinensis 'Rotsilber'
Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus'
Miscanthus sinensis 'Undine'
Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus'
Molinia caerulea ssp. caerulea 'Variegata'
Moluccella laevis
Monarda 'Cambridge Scarlet'
Monarda 'Loddon Crown'
Monarda 'Pawnee'
Monarda 'Scorpion'
Monarda 'Squaw'
Monarda 'Violet Queen'
Musa velutina
Muscari armeniacum
Muscari armeniacum 'Cantab'
Muscari armeniacum 'Christmas Pearl'
Muscari armeniacum 'Early Giant'
Muscari armeniacum 'Fantasy Creation'
Muscari armeniacum 'Valerie Finnis'
Muscari azureum
Muscari latifolium
Muscari neglectum
Muscari pseudomuscari
Muscari 'Superstar'
Myosotis sylvatica 'Indigo'
Myosotis sylvatica 'Rosylva'
Myosotis sylvatica 'Snowsylva'
Myrica gale
Myrtus communis
Myrtus communis ssp. tarentina
Nandina domestica
Nandina domestica 'Firepower'
Nandina domestica 'Richmond'
Narcissus 'Abba'
Narcissus 'Altun Ha'
Narcissus 'Andalusia'
Narcissus 'Armada'
Narcissus asturiensis
Narcissus 'Badbury Rings'
Narcissus 'Bartley'
Narcissus 'Bell Song'
Narcissus 'Beryl'
Narcissus 'Border Beauty'  
Narcissus 'Brabazon'
Narcissus 'Bravoure'  
Narcissus 'Broadway Star'
Narcissus bulbocodium
Narcissus canariensis
Narcissus 'Cassata'
Narcissus 'Ceylon'
Narcissus cyclamineus
Narcissus 'Dutch Master'
Narcissus 'Falconet'
Narcissus 'February Gold'
Narcissus 'Garden Princess'
Narcissus 'Geranium'
Narcissus 'Glen Clova'
Narcissus 'Golden Dawn'
Narcissus 'Golden Harvest'
Narcissus 'Hawera'
Narcissus 'Home Fires'
Narcissus 'Ice Follies'
Narcissus 'Ideal'
Narcissus 'Jack Snipe'  
Narcissus 'Jetfire'
Narcissus 'Kokopelli'
Narcissus 'Little Beauty'
Narcissus 'Merlin'  
Narcissus 'Minicyla'
Narcissus 'Minnow'
Narcissus obvallaris
Narcissus papyraceus  
Narcissus 'Peeping Tom'
Narcissus 'Pipit'
Narcissus poeticus var physaloides
Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Narcissus pseudonarcissus 'Praecox'
Narcissus 'Purbeck'
Narcissus 'Quail'
Narcissus 'Rainbow'
Narcissus 'Redhill'
Narcissus 'Replete'
Narcissus 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation'
Narcissus 'Romance'
Narcissus 'Rustom Pasha'
Narcissus 'Sir Winston Churchill'
Narcissus 'Small Talk'
Narcissus 'Spellbinder'
Narcissus 'Spring Dawn'
Narcissus 'St. Keverne'
Narcissus 'Sunny Side Up'
Narcissus 'Surfside'
Narcissus 'Suzy'
Narcissus 'Sweet Love'
Narcissus 'Tahiti'
Narcissus tazetta ssp. lacticolor 'Grand Monarque'
Narcissus 'Telamonius Plenus'
Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete'
Narcissus 'Thalia'
Narcissus 'Thomas'
Narcissus 'Toto'
Narcissus 'Trevithian'
Narcissus 'Triple Crown'
Narcissus 'Unique'
Narcissus 'Unsurpassable'
Narcissus 'White Lion'
Nectaroscordum siculum
Neillia thibetica
Nemesia 'Blue Lagoon'
Nemesia 'Honey Girl'
Nemesia 'Sugar Girl'
Nemesia 'Vanilla Mist'
Nepeta racemosa 'Little Titch'
Nepeta racemosa 'Walker's Low'
Nepeta sibirica 'Souvenir d'André Chaudron'
Nepeta subsessillis
Nepeta x faassenii
Nerine bowdenii
Nerine bowdenii 'Mark Fenwick'
Nerine sarniensis
Nerium oleander
Nertera granadensis
Nicotiana langsdorffii
Nicotiana suaveolens
Nicotiana sylvestris
Nicotiana 'Tinkerbell'
Nigella damascena
Nigella damascena 'Miss Jekyll'
Nigella damascena 'Moody Blues'
Nipponanthemum nipponicum
Northofagus betuloides
Nuphar lutea
Nymphaea 'Aurora'
Nymphaea 'Black Princess'
Nymphaea 'Colonel A.J. Welch'
Nymphaea 'Colorado'
Nymphaea 'Comanche'
Nymphaea 'Darwin'
Nymphaea 'Laydekeri Rosea Prolifera'
Nymphaea 'Marliacea Chromatella'
Nymphaea odorata var. minor
Nymphaea 'Perry's Pink'
Nymphaea 'Pygmaea Helvola'
Nymphaea 'Pygmaea Rubra'
Nymphoides peltata
Nyssa sinensis
Ocimum 'African Blue'
Ocimum basilicum
Oemleria cerasiformis
Oenanthe crocata
Oenothera biennis
Oenothera fruticosa ssp. glauca 'Erica Robin'
Oenothera fruticosa 'Youngii'
Oenothera macrocarpa
Oenothera speciosa 'Twilight'
Olea europaea
Olearia cheesemanii
Olearia macrodonta
Olearia phlogopappa 'Comber's Blue'
Olearia stellulata
Olearia x haastii
Olearia x scilloniensis
Omphalodes cappadocica
Omphalodes cappadocica 'Starry Eyes'
Onopordum acanthium
Ophiopogon japonicus 'Compactus'
Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'
Origanum 'Kent Beauty'
Origanum laevigatum 'Herrenhausen'
Origanum microphyllum
Origanum 'Rosenkuppel'
Origanum vulgare 'Aureum'
Orontium aquaticum
Orostachys spinosa
Osmanthus delavayi
Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Aureomarginatus'
Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Variegatus'
Osmanthus x burkwoodii
Osmanthus yunnanensis
Osmunda regalis
Osteospermum 'Arusha'
Osteospermum 'Buttermilk'
Osteospermum 'Cannington Joyce'
Osteospermum 'Croftway Blush'
Osteospermum 'Giant'
Osteospermum 'Giles Gilbey'
Osteospermum jucundum
Osteospermum jucundum 'Killerton Pink'
Osteospermum jucundum 'Langtrees'
Osteospermum 'Lady Leitrim'
Osteospermum 'Natalie'
Osteospermum 'Pink Whirls'  
Osteospermum 'Sunny Amanda'
Osteospermum 'Sunny Cecil'
Osteospermum 'Sunny Fiona'
Osteospermum 'Sunny Mary'
Osteospermum 'Sunny Serena'
Osteospermum 'Trewidden Pink'
Osteospermum 'Volta'
Osteospermum 'Weetwood'
Osteospermum 'White Pim'
Ostrya carpinifolia
Oxalis lobata
Oxalis melanosticta
Oxalis triangularis 'Purpurea'
Oxalis versicolor
Oxalis zeekoevleyensis  
Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius
Pachysandra procumbens
Pachysandra terminalis
Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Carpet'
Pachysandra terminalis 'Variegata'
Paeonia 'Anne Rosse'
Paeonia broteroi
Paeonia ludlowii
Paeonia delavayi var. lutea
Paeonia emodi
Paeonia lactiflora 'Adolphe Rousseau'
Paeonia lactiflora 'Alice Harding'
Paeonia lactiflora 'Bowl of Beauty'
Paeonia lactiflora 'Cherry Hill'
Paeonia lactiflora 'Do Tell'
Paeonia lactiflora 'Duchesse de Nemours'
Paeonia lactiflora 'Heirloom'
Paeonia lactiflora 'Lady Alexandra Duff'  
Paeonia lactiflora 'Mistral'
Paeonia lactiflora 'Sarah Bernhardt'
Paeonia lactiflora 'Top Brass'
Paeonia mascula
Paeonia mascula ssp. arietina
Paeonia mlokosewitschii
Paeonia 'Mme Louis Henri'
Paeonia obovata
Paeonia officinalis
Paeonia rockii
Paeonia 'Smouthii'
Paeonia suffruticosa 'Hakuojisi'
Paeonia suffruticosa 'Kinshi'
Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal'
Panicum virgatum 'Rubrum'
Papaver commutatum
Papaver 'Fireball'
Papaver lateritium
Papaver nudicaule 'Illumination'
Papaver nudicaule 'Summer Breeze Orange'
Papaver nudicaule 'Summer Breeze Yellow'
Papaver orientale 'Black and White'
Papaver orientale 'Forncett Summer'
Papaver orientale 'Patty's Plum'
Papaver orientale 'Türkenlouis'
Papaver rhoeas
Papaver rupifragum 'Flore Pleno'
Papaver somniferum
Papaver somniferum 'Black Peony'
Papaver somniferum 'Blackcurrent Fizz'  
Papaver somniferum 'Burgundy Frills'  
Papaver somniferum 'Cherry Glow'
Papaver somniferum 'Danebrog Laced'
Parahebe formosa
Parahebe perfoliata
Paris polyphylla
Parrotia persica
Passiflora caerulea
Passiflora caerulea 'Constance Elliot'  
Passiflora incarnata
Passiflora x violacea
Paulownia tomentosa
Pelargonium 'Lord Bute'
Pelargonium 'Pink Aurore'
Pelargonium 'Scarlet Unique'
Pelargonium 'Tip Top Duet'
Pelargonium 'Village Hill Oak'
Pelargonium 'Voodoo'
Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Woodside'
Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Majesty'
Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum'
Pennisetum villosum 'Cream Falls'
Penstemon 'Alice Hindley'
Penstemon 'Andenken an Friedrich Hahn'
Penstemon 'Apple Blossom'
Penstemon 'Blackbird'
Penstemon 'Coral Sea'  
Penstemon 'Countess of Dalkeith'
Penstemon 'Drinkstone'
Penstemon 'Flamingo'
Penstemon 'Fujiyama'
Penstemon 'George Home'
Penstemon 'Hidcote Pink'
Penstemon 'Mother of Pearl'
Penstemon 'Osprey'
Penstemon 'Pennington Gem'
Penstemon pinifolius
Penstemon 'Purple Sea'
Penstemon 'Raven'
Penstemon 'Red Sea'  
Penstemon 'Schoenholzeri'
Penstemon 'Sour Grapes'
Penstemon 'Stapleford Gem'
Pericallis 'Senetti Deep Blue'
Perovskia 'Blue Spire'
Persicaria affinis 'Darjeeling Red'
Persicaria affinis 'Donald Lowndes'
Persicaria affinis 'Hartswood'
Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Atrosanguinea'
Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Firetail'
Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Inverleith'
Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Rosea'
Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Taurus'
Persicaria bistorta 'Hohe Tatra'  
Persicaria bistorta 'Superba'
Persicaria capitata
Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon'
Persicaria polymorpha
Persicaria tenuicaulis
Persicaria vacciniifolia
Persicaria virginiana 'Painter's Palette'
Persicaria wallichii
Petasites hybridus
Petasites japonicus var. giganteus
Petasites japonicus var. giganteus 'Nishiki-Buki'
Petrorhagia saxifraga
Petroselinum crispum 'Favorit'
Petunia 'Bavarian Belle'
Petunia 'Phantom'
Petunia 'Surfinia Salmon Velvet'
Petunia 'Tumbelina Priscilla'
Phalaris arundinacea var. picta
Phaseolus coccineus
Phaseolus coccineus 'Celebration'
Phaseolus coccineus 'Hestia'
Phaseolus vulgaris 'Purple Teepee'
Phaseolus vulgaris 'Rob Splash'
Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile'
Philadelphus coronarius 'Aureus'
Philadelphus coronarius 'Variegatus'
Philadelphus 'Manteau d'Hermine'
Philadelphus 'Snowbelle'
Phlomis fruticosa
Phlomis lanata
Phlomis lycia
Phlomis purpurea
Phlomis russeliana
Phlomis tuberosa 'Amazone'
Phlox bifida 'Alba'
Phlox carolina 'Bill Baker'
Phlox divaricata 'Clouds of Perfume'
Phlox divaricata ssp. laphamii 'Chattahoochee'
Phlox douglasii 'Boothman's Variety'
Phlox douglasii 'Ice Mountain'
Phlox douglasii 'Ochsenblut'
Phlox douglasii 'Rosea'
Phlox maculata 'Rosalinde'
Phlox paniculata 'Becky Towe'
Phlox paniculata 'Blue Paradise'
Phlox paniculata 'Discovery'
Phlox paniculata 'Eva Cullum'
Phlox paniculata 'Franz Schubert'
Phlox paniculata 'Laura'  
Phlox paniculata 'Light Pink Flame'
Phlox paniculata 'Mother of Pearl'
Phlox paniculata 'Mount Fuji'
Phlox paniculata 'Prospero'
Phlox paniculata 'Rijnstroom'
Phlox paniculata 'Skylight'
Phlox paniculata 'Victorian Lilac'
Phlox paniculata 'Violetta Gloriosa'
Phlox paniculata 'Wilhelm Kesselring'
Phlox paniculata 'Windsor'
Phlox stolonifera 'Mary Belle Frey'
Phlox subulata 'Alexander's Surprise'
Phlox subulata 'Candy Stripe'
Phlox subulata 'Emerald Cushion Blue'
Phlox subulata 'Kimono'
Phlox subulata 'Marjorie'
Phlox subulata 'McDaniel's Cushion'
Phlox subulata 'Oakington Blue'
Phlox subulata 'Samson'
Phlox subulata 'Temiskaming'
Phlox subulata 'White Delight'
Phoenix canariensis
Phormium 'Alison Blackman'
Phormium 'Apricot Queen'
Phormium 'Bronze Baby'
Phormium cookianum
Phormium cookianum ssp. hookeri 'Cream Delight'
Phormium 'Evening Glow'
Phormium 'Firebird'
Phormium 'Gold Sword'
Phormium 'Jack Spratt'
Phormium 'Jester'
Phormium 'Maori Sunrise'
Phormium 'Platt's Black'
Phormium 'Surfer Green'
Phormium tenax
Phormium tenax 'Purpureum'
Phormium tenax 'Sundowner'
Photinia davidiana
Photinia davidiana 'Palette'
Photinia glabra 'Rubens'
Photinia x fraseri 'Pink Marble'
Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin'
Phuopsis stylosa
Phygelius aequalis 'Trewidden Pink'
Phygelius aequalis 'Yellow Trumpet'
Phygelius capensis
Phygelius 'Cherry Ripe'
Phygelius 'Somerford Funfair Cream'
Phygelius 'Somerford Funfair Orange'
Phygelius 'Somerford Funfair Wine'
Phygelius x rectus 'African Queen'
Phygelius x rectus 'Devil's Tears'
Phygelius x rectus 'Winchester Fanfare'
Phyla nodiflora
Phyllostachys aureosulcata f. spectabilis
Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Castilloni'
Phyllostachys nigra
Phyllostachys nigra 'Boryana'
Phyllostachys sulphurea
Phyllostachys viridiglaucescens
Phyllostachys vivax 'Aureocaulis'
Physalis alkekengi
Physocarpus opulifolius 'Dart's Gold'
Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diablo'
Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diablo d'Or'
Physocarpus opulifolius 'Lady in Red'
Physoplexis comosa
Phytolacca americana
Picea abies 'Pendula Major'
Picea breweriana
Picea omorika
Picea pungens 'Globosa'
Picea pungens 'Pendula'
Pieris 'Flaming Silver'
Pieris formosa var. forrestii 'Jermyns'
Pieris japonica 'Blush'
Pieris japonica 'Bonfire'
Pieris japonica 'Christmas Cheer'
Pieris japonica 'Compacta'
Pieris japonica 'Katsura'
Pieris japonica 'Little Heath'
Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire'
Pieris japonica 'Passion'
Pieris japonica 'Purity'
Pieris japonica 'Red Forty'
Pieris japonica 'Spring Snow'
Pieris japonica 'Valley Rose'
Pieris japonica 'Valley Valentine'
Pieris 'Nocturne'
Pimelea prostrata
Pinus montezumae
Pinus monticola
Pinus mugo 'Ophir'
Pinus mugo 'Winter Gold'
Pinus radiata
Pinus strobus 'Macopin'
Pinus sylvestris
Pinus sylvestris 'Bonna'
Pittosporum eugenioides 'Variegatum'
Pittosporum 'Garnettii'
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Abbotsbury Gold'
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Arundell Green'
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Gold Star'
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Irene Patterson'
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Oliver Twist'
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Tandara Gold'
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Tom Thumb'
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Variegatum'
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Victoria'
Pittosporum tobira
Pittosporum tobira 'Nanum'
Pittosporum tobira 'Variegatum'
Plantago major 'Rubrifolia'
Platanus x hispanica
Plectranthus argentatus
Plectranthus thyrsoideus
Pleioblastus auricomus
Podocarpus salignus
Polemonium caeruleum
Polygala chamaebuxus var. grandiflora
Polygala myrtifolia
Polygonatum curvistylum
Polygonatum x hybridum
Polygonatum x hybridum 'Striatum'
Polystichum aculeatum
Polystichum polyblepharum
Polystichum polyblepharum 'Jade'
Polystichum setiferum 'Congestum'
Polystichum setiferum 'Plumosum Bevis'
Pontederia cordata
Potentilla alba
Potentilla 'Arc-en-Ciel'
Potentilla aurea
Potentilla fruticosa 'Abbotswood'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Annette'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Bowles' Variety'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Dart's Cream'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Daydawn'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Elizabeth'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Groneland'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Hopleys Orange'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Katherine Dykes'
Potentilla fruticosa 'King Cup'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Kobold'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Limelight'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Medicine Wheel Mountain'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Pink Beauty'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Red Ace'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Tilford Cream'
Potentilla fruticosa var. arbuscula
Potentilla fruticosa var. rigida
Potentilla fruticosa 'Wessex Silver'
Potentilla fruticosa 'William Purdom'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Yellow Bird'
Potentilla 'Gibson's Scarlet'
Potentilla nepalensis 'Miss Willmott'
Potentilla nitida 'Rubra'
Potentilla thurberi 'Monarch's Velvet'
Potentilla verna 'Nana'
Potentilla x hopwoodiana
Potentilla x tonguei
Pratia pedunculata 'County Park'
Primula allionii 'Edinburgh'
Primula beesiana
Primula capitata ssp. mooreana
Primula 'Cradock White'
Primula 'Crescendo Red'
Primula 'Crescendo White'
Primula 'Crescendo Yellow'
Primula 'Danova Orange Yellow'
Primula 'Dawn Ansell'
Primula denticulata
Primula denticulata 'Ruby'
Primula 'Francesca'
Primula 'Gigha'
Primula 'Gold Lace'
Primula helodoxa
Primula 'Iris Mainwaring'
Primula 'Ken Dearman'
Primula 'Miss Indigo'
Primula polyneura
Primula pulverulenta
Primula 'Roy Cope'
Primula sieboldii 'Benkei'
Primula sieboldii 'Geisha Girl'
Primula sieboldii 'Mikado'
Primula sieboldii 'Snow on Pine Tree'
Primula 'Val Horncastle'
Primula veris
Primula vialii
Primula vulgaris
Primula vulgaris ssp. sibthorpii
Pritzelago alpina
Proboscidea fragrans
Prostanthera cuneata
Protea nerifolia  
Protea repens
Prunella grandiflora
Prunella grandiflora 'Freelander'
Prunella grandiflora 'Pink Loveliness'
Prunus 'Accolade'
Prunus 'Amanogawa'
Prunus avium 'Plena'
Prunus cerasifera 'Hessei'
Prunus 'Cheal's Weeping'
Prunus domestica 'Impérial Epineuse'
Prunus domestica 'Laxton's Supreme'
Prunus domestica 'Monsieur Jaune'
Prunus domestica 'Prince Englebert'
Prunus domestica 'Reeves'
Prunus domestica ssp. insititia 'Farleigh Damson'
Prunus domestica ssp. insititia 'Westmorland Prune'
Prunus insititia 'White Bullace'
Prunus glandulosa 'Sinensis'
Prunus 'Hanagasa'
Prunus 'Hokusai'
Prunus 'Ichiyo'
Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai'
Prunus incisa 'Mikinori'
Prunus incisa 'Pendula'
Prunus incisa 'The Bride'
Prunus jamasakura
Prunus 'Kanzan'
Prunus laurocerasus 'Castlewellan'
Prunus laurocerasus 'Low 'n' Green'
Prunus laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken'
Prunus laurocerasus 'Schipkaensis'
Prunus lusitanica 'Myrtifolia'
Prunus 'Mount Fuji'
Prunus mume 'Beni-chidori'
Prunus mume 'Omoi-no-mama'
Prunus 'Ojochin'
Prunus padus
Prunus padus 'Colorata'
Prunus 'Pink Perfection'
Prunus sargentii
Prunus sargentii 'Rancho'
Prunus serrula
Prunus 'Shirofugen'
Prunus 'Shizuka'
Prunus spinosa
Prunus 'Spire'
Prunus tenella 'Fire Hill'
Prunus 'Trailblazer'
Prunus 'Ukon'
Prunus 'Umineko'
Prunus x cistena
Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis'
Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis Rosea'
Prunus x subhirtella 'Stellata'
Pseudopanax crassifolius
Pseudosasa japonica
Pseudotsuga menziesii
Ptelea trifoliata
Pterocephalus perennis ssp. perennis
Pulmonaria angustifolia
Pulmonaria angustifolia ssp. azurea
Pulmonaria 'Barfield Regalia'
Pulmonaria 'Blue Ensign'
Pulmonaria 'Lewis Palmer'
Pulmonaria longifolia
Pulmonaria longifolia 'Bertram Anderson'
Pulmonaria 'Majesté'
Pulmonaria 'Margery Fish'
Pulmonaria 'Mawson's Blue'
Pulmonaria mollis
Pulmonaria mollis 'Royal Blue'
Pulmonaria officinalis
Pulmonaria officinalis 'Blue Mist'
Pulmonaria rubra
Pulmonaria rubra var. albocorollata
Pulmonaria saccharata
Pulmonaria saccharata 'Frühlingshimmel'
Pulmonaria saccharata 'Highdown'
Pulmonaria saccharata 'Leopard'
Pulmonaria saccharata 'Mrs Moon'
Pulmonaria 'Vera May'
Pulmonaria 'Weetwood Blue'
Pulsatilla vulgaris
Pulsatilla vulgaris var. rubra
Punica granatum
Pyracantha angustifolia
Pyracantha coccinea 'Red Column'
Pyracantha 'Mohave'
Pyracantha 'Navaho'
Pyracantha 'Orange Glow'
Pyracantha rogersiana f. flava
Pyracantha 'Saphyr Jaune'
Pyracantha 'Saphyr Orange'
Pyracantha 'Soleil D'Or'
Pyrus calleryana 'Chanticleer'
Pyrus communis 'Beth'
Pyrus communis 'Beurré Hardy'
Pyrus communis 'Black Worcester'  
Pyrus communis 'Concorde'
Pyrus communis 'Conference'
Pyrus communis 'Doyenne du Comice'
Pyrus communis 'Duchesse d'Angouleme'
Pyrus communis 'Emile d'Heyst'
Pyrus communis 'Josephine de Malines'
Pyrus communis 'Sierra'
Pyrus communis 'Vicar of Winkfield'
Pyrus communis 'William's Bon Chretien'
Pyrus communis 'Winter Nelis'  
Pyrus cordata
Pyrus pashia
Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula'

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