Prices for image reproduction licences

All our photographs are the copyright of Deeproot Software. Any commercial use of images normally requires payment of a reproduction licence fee, as set out below. We permit free use by private individuals for personal purposes only. There is a special allowance for certain low volume, off-line, business use (see copyright information) and we are happy to discuss special cases such as not-for-profit environmental organisations.

There are two types of licence:

- this is a "royalty-free" licence, intended to cover most normal business use, for example web sites, magazines, book content, catalogues, advertising material. There is a one-time-only fee and no limits on print run volume or usage time. Image rights are always non-exclusive and pictures may be used for any purpose except "artistic use".
- a traditional "rights-managed" licence for use where the image itself is a significant component of the end-product, for example postcards, greetings cards, framed pictures, calendars or book covers. Fee is dependant on purpose, may be volume or time related and will usually be substantially greater than "Standard". In some cases exclusive or reserved image rights may be possible. As there is not a fixed price fee, contact us to discuss details.


Fees for Standard Royalty-free images:

Prices for all plant photographs are fixed and shown below. There are two prices, based on the size of the images. Images of other subjects are individually priced.

Low resolution - normally between about 400 and 650 pixels and are 72dpi with a moderate amount of jpeg compression. These are suitable for on screen display such as web pages and also small size prints, about 5 or 6cm across.
These are exactly as used in our plant database software and examples are on the gallery pages. All our plant pictures, as listed, are available in this format.

High resolution - usually between 1000 and 3000 pixels, at 72, 250 or 300dpi and with minimum jpeg compression. These provide better quality for printing at larger sizes, maximum printed size varies quite a lot, but typically up to about 15x20cm, sometimes larger.
Most but not all listed plant pictures are available as high resolution, so please ask.

Image size UK £   *
Low resolution 12
High resolution 24


All photographs are digital images and supplied by email, web download or on CD. (see ordering information)

There are no additional costs, such as "search fees". Prices are currently not subject to VAT, although this may change in the future.

* Payments in other currencies are possible. See this guide to prices for international currencies. A general purpose currency conversion calculator is also provided on that page.


© Deeproot Software. All photographs on this site are covered by copyright. They may not be reproduced for commercial use in any form, without prior consent and licensing, but are free for personal use only.