Plant Photography

Magnolia grandiflora small photo We are progressively building a substantial library of stock plant photographs. The collection was started in order to provide images for our Plant Base software product. All images are available for independent licensing and are particularly suited for use in connection with horticultural trades, such as the production of catalogs, labels, gardening publications and web sites.

We offer very affordable low to medium resolution images, some examples of which may be viewed on the gallery pages of our website. Many photographs are also available at higher resolution and file size, suitable for printing at sizes up to approximately an A4 page. Details of license fees can be found on the Image Prices page.

Images on the site are covered by copyright. Personal use is allowed and free, subject to the terms of this Creative Commons licence - Attribtion-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. If in doubt please ask for permission first, which will usually be freely granted. Commercial comping and layout, and certain limited copy use is also allowed without payment, but most multiple-copy business use will require a paid-for reproduction licence. Please check our copyright information for details.

Virtually all photographs were taken with digital cameras. Image quality and available sizes vary with the age of the pictures, as the capability of digital equipment has improved. We are continuously adding to the collection and replacing older images.